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To Report a Claim

When you need us most, the last thing you want is a difficult, drawn out claim process. That's why the PSIC's Claim Department is different, we strive to make it easy to file insurance claims.


To REPORT a NEW CLAIM for Package, Excess Property, Excess Liability, and School Board Liability - ANYTIME DAY OR NIGHT -  use the following PHONE HOT LINE, FAX, or, EMAIL to report to GALLAGHER BASSETT SERVICES. Be sure to reference: CLIENT #002857 


PHONE HOT LINE: 1-833-830-PSIC (7742)
FAX: 1-800-748-6159


Download claim forms: PSIC Loss Report Property PSIC Accident Report General Liability
PSIC Accident Report, Auto Truck

To REPORT a NEW CLAIM for Boiler & Machinery:

Carrier Name: Travelers Property Casualty Company of America
By Phone: (800) 238-6225
By Email:
Download claim form: PSIC Boiler and Machinery Claim Form

To REPORT or inquire regarding a NEW CLAIM for Student Accident - Download Claim Form:

By Mail - Address WEB-TPA
PO Box 2415 Grapevine, TX  76099-2415
To report by phone - or to check status of a claim: 
By Website: 

By Phone:  (312) 346-7460      Zevitz Student Accident Insurance Services, Inc.

Download claim form: PSIC Student Accident Claim Form/English
                              PSIC Student Accident Claim Form/Spanish
                              Steps to Filing a Student Accident Claim for PSIC

To REPORT NEW CLAIM for Site Pollution Incident Legal Liability:

Carrier Name: Ironshore Environmental Claims CSO
By Mail - Address: 175 Powder Forest Drive, 1st Floor Weatogue, CT 06089
By Phone: (888) 292-0249 - 24-hour
By Fax: (646) 826-4814
By E-Mail:

How to Report a New Claim for Cyber Liability:

Agency: Phelps Dunbar
24/7 Toll-Free Cyber Claim Hotline: 1-833-229-1647
Cyber Claim Reporting Process

If you have already reported a claim and want to check the status or need more information, please use the following contacts.

To inquire about a Previously Reported Claim:

For Liability, Excess Liability and School Board Legal Liability claim inquires:

Liability Supervisor
Ileshia Smith
Direct Line: 630-282-8543
Liability Resolution Manager:
Karleigh Cherveny
Direct Line: 630-282-8536
E-Fax: 630-932-4223
Misconduct Resolution Manager:
Mary Nance
Direct Line: 630-282-0841
E-Fax: 630-932-4223
School Board Legal R/M:
Stephanie Christensen
Direct Line: 630-282-2477
E-Fax: 630-932-4223
Fast-Track Resolution Manager:
Michell Parr
Direct Line:  630-282-0923
E-Fax:  630-932-4223
Backup Fast-Track Resolution Manager:
Stephanie Gibbons
Direct Line:  630-282-0904
E-Fax:  630-932-4223

 For Property and Excess Property Claim Inquires:

Thomas Kienstra - Property Supervisor
Dial Direct:  314-800-0204
E-Fax:  866-947-2227
Resolution Managers:
W. Ron Elliot
Dial Direct:  314-800-0268
E-Fax:  866-947-2227
Corey Buford
Dial Direct:  314-800-0251
E-Fax:  866-947-2227

To REPORT NEW CLAIM for  Workers Compensation:

Carrier Name: York Risk Services Co.
By Mail - Address: PO Box 620, Howell, MI  48844
By Phone: (800) 533-9366  
By E-Mail: 
Download claim form: Report of Work Comp Injury to Employee                              York_Supervisor_Report_of_Injury.pdf  PSIC When a Work Comp Injury Occurs PSIC York Roster

For Workers' Compensation claim inquires:

Sr. Claims Adjuster
Jonathan Davis
Phone: 847-704-1706
Fax: 800-688-9892


Medical Only Claim Examiner
Jeanine Hammel
Phone: 517-338-3366
Fax: 847-220-9275